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Murray Duty #163 – Guitars, Metal, MMA and more with Joe Shaner

This week I have my buddy Joe Shaner on to drink whiskey, talk guitars, Kiesel, metal, MMA and much more! Check out Joe’s band The Rebellion.

Murray Duty #163– Click link to download or stream

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Murray Duty #127 – Accidentally Starring in a Fetish Film


This week my friends Jay, Joey and Nick drop in and we talk about all things weird. The podcast kicks off with Jay telling us how he got involved in, and starred in, a fetish film, and how he explains that to his mother. We also talk about losing our virginity, music, beer, painting guitars and more.

You can check out Jay’s band Danger Friends on YouTube, and his comic book Danger Wolf on Comixology.

I am @MarktheMurray on Twitter and Instagram

Murray Duty #127
– Click link to download or stream

Jay’s Comic Book: DANGER WOLF @Comixology

Guitar Guts VLOG #1- Spraying Clear Coats, The Used, New Jackson and Runnin With the Devil


Please check out Guitar Guts VLOG #1 on YouTube. Just Search for Guitar Guts VLOG, or the channel GuitarGuts (one word).

Guitar Guts on YouTube

Link to Episode one on YouTube

This episode I talk about my Eddie Van Halen Frankenstrat project I’m working on and spray the clear coat out. Also, I went to a The Used concert recently and I play a clip of that, followed by showing you my newest addition to my guitar collection, an emerald green Jackson Dinky that I will be doing some interesting repairs and upgrades to. Then to close I jam out some Van Halen, Runnin with the Devil!

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Murray Duty #125 – UFC, Brock Lesnar and Me Jamming



This week I talk about UFC 200, Brock Lesnar, Michael Bisping, UFC 199, changing careers, Pickup-Tronix, Guitar Guts, my new VLOG and I jam out a few Metallica songs at the end followed by an epic Eruption based solo.

I am @MarktheMurray on Twitter and Instagram

Murray Duty #125
– Click link to download or stream

​ Murray Duty #123 – Scary Animals, Music and Jammin’ Out


This week I watch videos of scary animals, listen to Iron Maiden, the Used, talk about my weekend painting guitars and aquiring a new Strat, going to the Cajun Festival and I play along to Runnin with The Devil by Van Halen and Animals as Leaders’ The Future that Awaited Me.

I am @MarktheMurray on Twitter and Instagram
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Murray Duty #123
– Click link to download or stream

Murray Duty #122 – EVH, Painting Guitars and my New Jackson

Lately all I have been doing is playing guitar and working on guitars, so that’s what I’m talking about this week. I talk about the debut Van Halen album, Jamies Cryin, a new Jackson guitar I got, jamming with my mentor, single humbucker guitars, working out and eating delicious, healthy foods.

I am @MarktheMurray on Twitter and Instagram
See my guitars, painting work and guitar playing @guitarguts on Instagram or http://www.instagram.com/guitarguts
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Murray Duty #122
– Click link to download or stream

Murray Duty #121 – MMA – UFC 198, Cyborg, Stipe Miocic, Bisping and more


On this episode I talk to a few friends about UFC 197, UFC 198, Cyborg, Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm, Alistair Overeem, Stipe Miocic, Dominic Cruz, TJ Dillashaw, Mighty Mouse, Michael Bisping vs Luke Rockhold. Then I break down the champions win streaks and title defenses. Also I talk about a recent wedding I attended, a new Jackson guitar I bought and Dude wipes.

I am @MarktheMurray on Twitter and Instagram
Grubbs is @mgrubbs87 on Twitter and Instagram

Murray Duty #121
– Click link to download or stream

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