Former Guests on the show, and those who I would like to thank for helping me out with things.

Cody Bollinger – Current World Series of Fighting (WSoF) Bantomweight MMA fighter. Former Ultimate Fighter contender.
Twitter: @codybollinger

Mike Grubbs – My MMA segment companion and my main man in doing comedy.
Twitter: @Mgrubbs87

Jammin with Mark – My old music podcast from 2012-2013 or so… on itunes, I did about 30 shows.
Twitter: @markthemurray

Officer John Johnson – Old friend, who is now an LAPD cop. I look to him for advice on if I should actually break this or that law.

Shaun Jones – Old friend from years ago, just a bad mother fucker.
Twitter: @RebelIsMe

Joshua Meyrowitz – Vine movie reviewer and standup comic.
Twitter: AutisticThunder

Tyler Norman – My close buddy who makes his living acting and reselling things from garage sales and such. Cohost of Going Sailing with Tyler on the podcast.

Pickup-Tronix – my custom pickguard company, authorized EMG and Seymour Duncan dealer and masters of wiring your guitar.
Twitter: @pickuptronix

Mike Thomas – my old musician buddy, plays piano and drums like a BOSS.
Them Devils
Mike Thomas Music (Soundcloud)
Kounterfeit Change

Sean Woods – My sometimes co-host and close buddy who runs Deep in the Woods and health segments among others with me.
Twitter: @SAWoods86


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