Murray Duty is my podcast… I am Mark Murray. What I am trying to do here is entertain people while they are at work, sitting at their computer, driving, doing house work, gardening, planting palm trees, hanging out with friends… basically everywhere. You only need a connection to the internet, because this shit is free. I love talking to people, and the main themes of the show are good stories, health, home improvement, MMA, garage sales (sailing), music, movies… and I do this with the help of all my friends.

I played in bands for years, and I have played guitar for 15 years or so… I have performed live quite a bit through that, and nowadays I spend most of my time working on my house, planting palms and whatnot, podcasting playing music, writing jokes, doing comedy, eating pizza, drinking beer and smoking pot. Its a tough life isnt it? I used to do a few other podcasts as well, and if you’re into what I am doing, go look on iTunes for The MJ Show aka The Mark and Joey Show, and Jammin’ with Mark. This is kind of a combination of the two.

If you know anyone who is interesting and wants to come on the show, tweet me and lets set it up.


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