Murray Duty #141 – My Trip to NAMM 2017

I detail my recent trip to NAMM, the music gear convention. I really enjoyed the ESP, EVH, Gibson and Kiesel booths. Check out my Instagram @guitarguts for photos. Also, I talk Jason Becker, Ibanez, having 32 guitars and much more. I end the podcast with my song Manuary which can be found on my youtube channel under Guitar Guts or at

Murray Duty #141– Click link to download or stream

Instagram: @GuitarGuts
Twitter: @GuitarGutsUSA
Youtube: or Guitar Guts

These are just SOME of the 200+ photos and 40+ mins of video I shot at NAMM 2017. Follow my social media for much more!
img_4517 img_4512 img_4510 img_4279 img_4272 img_4268 img_4315 img_4497 img_4386 img_4338 img_4335 img_4287 img_4286 img_4530 img_4527


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