Murray Duty #124 – Guitars, Lifes Bad Writing, Uber and Dating


This week was mostly MMA. Theres been a lot of crazy fights and MMA news lately. We talk Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, Ben Henderson, Michael Venom Page and way more. Also we talk about if Grubbs could take Nate Diaz, and I show the guys VR porn on my VR headset.

Murray Duty #124– Click link to download or stream

I am @GuitarGuts on Instagram



Guitar Guts Vlog #1 – Spraying Clear Coats, The Used, New Jackson and Van Halen

This episode I talk about my Eddie Van Halen Frankenstrat project I’m working on and spray the clear coat out. Also, I went to a The Used concert recently and I play a clip of that, followed by showing you my newest addition to my guitar collection, an emerald green Jackson Dinky that I will be doing some interesting repairs and upgrades to. Then to close I jam out some Van Halen, Runnin with the Devil!


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