Beer updates: Stone, St. Archer, Pliny the Younger sold as Miller High Life

Pliny the Younger (Russian River) is known as one of the rarest beers for IPA ninjas like myself… apparently a bar called BeerMongers had a secret keg of Pliny the Younger on hand, and tapped it on a Friday at 3pm, under the name Miller High Life for $7 a 12oz glass. Apparently they did this for their regular customers…. pretty cool. At first I was like what the fuck? They should sell it to everyone. But then again, if this was my regular bar I go to, I would be beyond stoked. Good move BeerMongers, reminds me of when a band plays a show under a fake name. Cool!

Stone is going to be putting out a new mixed 12 pack, with Arrogant Bastard, Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA, Stone IPA and Stone Ruination IPA. They used to include Levitation Ale and Oaked Arrogant Bastard to the mix but decided to switch those over to Arrogant Bastard and the Black IPA. I’m  not really a mixed 12 pack kind of guy, but for people wanting to try Stone out, or want to try some IPAs out, it’s a good deal.

San Diego brew company, Saint Archer Brewing Company is going to be releasing a new beer, White Ale. I dig these guys IPA and especially the double IPA, although this beer isn’t quite my style, I am glad to see the brewery expanding.


Thanks to Beerpulse for these stories.


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